Announcement regarding the resuming of church services

Dear brothers and sisters, members of Alleluia Church

Blessings in the name of Lord Jesus!

The leadership of the Church has decided to resume the services starting on May 31. From the beginning, we will have to obey the restrictions currently in place and the recommendations given by the CDC regarding the social distance of 6 feet and the prevention measures. That is why we ask you, brothers and sisters, to be understanding and work together until things will be back to normal.

We ask any elderly person with a high risk of disease (heart, diabetes, asthma, lung problems, deficient immune system, etc.) and anybody who has symptoms of coronavirus not to participate in person at the services, but only online.

We will not have Sunday school and as such no children under 12 will be able to participate at services.

For church members who will be present at the services, we asked, and it is our duty, to follow the instructions given by the ushers to ensure the services are carried out without any issues. All regulations and prevention measures currently in place will be observed. The ushers will help us and show us what we have to do.

All church members who can participate at services are asked to please send a text message by Saturday at 9 AM with the following details:

  1. 1. first and last name
  2. 2. how many people will come to church

You can send the message to the phone number from where you receive the daily message: 313-486-5178, or to the pastor’s phone: 313-999-4359.

The selection regarding who can participate in each program will be made in alphabetical order according to the answers received. A message will be sent from 313-486-5178 with more details to those who will be able to participate. Those who serve in the various activities during the service are not part of this process.

  1. 1. When you arrive at the church:
    a. Please do not park the car on the street in front of the neighbours, but only use the parking lot of the Church.
  2. 2. Before you enter the church:
    a. The main door will be used.
    b. There will be signs marking the distance on the floor.
    c. The ushers will help you with all necessary prevention measures.
    d. Seats will be assigned starting with the first rows according to the marked places.
  3. 3. When leaving the church:
    a. Please go to the marked place at the middle door in order to exit to the parking lot.
    b. Please go to the car without socialising in the parking lot.
    c. Be aware that we are observed and we must act with wisdom.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding during this time.

God bless you,

Alleluia Church Leadership

May 28, 2020